For Educators

How do you teach a subject that is changing every day?

Social media marketing and its relevance to your students is undeniable. Yet it’s elusive to grasp and teach, even if you can spend hours a day studying the field.

We don’t pretend to have an answer to this challenge, but I can offer help.

Born to Blog is a vital examination of the social web’s content engine — blogging and provides practical advice any student in marketing, PR, communications, advertising, HR, and business administration should learn. It’s a vital skill to learn as they prepare to enter the digital economy.

And if you assign Born to Blog to your classroom, Authors Stanford Smith or Mark W. Schaefer (a marketing faculty member at Rutgers University),  would be happy to Skype into a class session to comment and answer questions.  Just contact us through

This book is excellent required reading for:

  • Marketing
  • Business communications
  • General business
  • Social media
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Advertising
  • Media and society
  • Mass communications
  • Journalism
  • HR

We would be delighted to send you a complimentary copy for your review.  Please write the publisher at and we will send a copy right away.